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The Last Resort

It’s 2021 and the small African nation of Mkanda, anxious to lift itself from poverty, legalizes physician-assisted suicide to encourage a new type of travel — euthanasia tourism. With the United States slashing Medicare coverage and instituting new rules, Mkanda appeals to those desperate to end their struggles in a timely way. In Illinois, Hank Grimmager, suffering from ALS and the early stages of Alzheimer’s, pleads with his devoutly Catholic daughter, Olivia Harper, to take him to Mkanda. Olivia doesn’t want to bypass all her beliefs and be a party to her father’s death, but finds it impossible to ignore his needs. Moving between Central Illinois and Africa, "The Last Resort" erupts into inevitable conflict when religion and money are involved in matters of love and health.

This book can be found at Amazon or Little Creek Press (, or by contacting the author.

In a profile about the book and author, Printer’s Row Journal writer Donald Liebenson wrote: “The Last Resort is a provocative drama…” and “… has the makings of a bleakly funny satirical comedy…” See

From Cynthia Stock's book review: "thought-provoking and controversial...". See