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The Last Resort

Imagine what might transpire as the United States curbs healthcare coverage and a small African country legalizes physician-assisted suicide as a way to encourage medical tourism.

Images of America: Robert Allerton, His Parks and Legacies

Today, many Central Illinois communities only know the name of Robert Allerton as the former owner of a well-known park and retreat center outside of Monticello. Still others may know of him as the founder of the National Tropical Botanical Garden on the island of Kauai. This book explains the man and the estates he donated for others to enjoy.

Images of America: Monticello

Carved from timber and prairie and surrounded by soybeans and corn, Monticello was founded in 1822 and named after Jefferson's Virginia estate. Monticello is a Main Street Community with elegant streets full of wide-lawns and mansions, a working railway museum, galleries, and a history in the patent medicine industry.

Robert Allerton: The Private Man & The Public Gifts

Descended from Mayflower pilgrims and son of Chicago's third richest man, Robert Allerton inherited a stockyard and banking fortune. He never married, but at age 87 he legally adopted 60-year-old John Wyatt Gregg. This book explains the mystery behind one of the Chicago Art Institute's great benefactors.

Allerton's Paradises

Robert Allerton taught himself landscape architecture and designed two properties, both full of outdoor artwork. Illinois' Allerton Park and Retreat Center and Kauai's Allerton Garden attract thousands every year. This book portrays over 100 unique and evocative sights from his prairie home and his tropical getaway.